the view of HOME…from space

Last week, I posted a blog regarding photos taken by astronauts, looking back at Earth’s features. This time, I am posting a link to an article on a Russian satellite, which was recently launched, which put together the most comprehensive video-like representation of Earth, through several days of time-lapse photos. An amazing thing among the many amazing things about it, is that, you can see the sun’s reflected image in the oceans, as the Earth turns! I thought this was really cool, and hope you do too. It’s also a reminder of the fragility of this little rock in space that we call home. There aren’t many like it that we’ve found yet 🙂 and it’s a thing of beauty. I can only IMAGINE that if a traveler came along this solar system, and saw it, they’d have to think as we do when we drive for hours on the Thruway, “Hey look! That looks like a GREAT rest stop!”

It’s a very tranquil weather week, so it gives a Weather Guy time for other interesting pursuits he might have to put on the back burner in busier weeks.


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