Crazy weather here this summer. Where IS it “safest”?

Sit back and think a minute. Let your imagination roll a bit.
We’ve had one of the craziest Summers of weather I can recall anywhere I’ve ever lived. Flooding rains, repeatedly…followed by a 5 day heat wave, followed by several July and August nights with record cold. Followed by another flooding rain Monday evening. And this doesn’t count other record cool nights in early June (which is technically still Spring) nor does it count going back to a Superstorm (Sandy) from last November. Many places in the Country have also had crazy, wild weather.
So my question for you to ponder is…”Where would you live that you could feel relatively safe, for lengthy periods of time, from Mother Nature?”
Remember, if you say, “Southern California”, you run the daily risk of earthquakes!
The answer, as put together by this article, will probably surprise you. I know I thought about it, and this state NEVER came to my mind.
Check it out…(after you finish pondering first):


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