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Thought I’d add this to a previous article on Astronaut pics of us

Here, you can see a lot of the pics taken by Astronauts, on their voyages above us.
I couldn’t find the link till last night, but there it is 🙂


the view of HOME…from space

Last week, I posted a blog regarding photos taken by astronauts, looking back at Earth’s features. This time, I am posting a link to an article on a Russian satellite, which was recently launched, which put together the most comprehensive video-like representation of Earth, through several days of time-lapse photos. An amazing thing among the many amazing things about it, is that, you can see the sun’s reflected image in the oceans, as the Earth turns! I thought this was really cool, and hope you do too. It’s also a reminder of the fragility of this little rock in space that we call home. There aren’t many like it that we’ve found yet 🙂 and it’s a thing of beauty. I can only IMAGINE that if a traveler came along this solar system, and saw it, they’d have to think as we do when we drive for hours on the Thruway, “Hey look! That looks like a GREAT rest stop!”

It’s a very tranquil weather week, so it gives a Weather Guy time for other interesting pursuits he might have to put on the back burner in busier weeks.


An astronauts’ view makes for an interesting pic

NASA is posting pics of astronauts pics while on the space station, which is a really cool thing to do. But in this picture, you can see things that we Mets have to learn about and understand. There’s a lot to see here, once your attention is drawn to it.
Astro pic of earth

So, what you’re seeing is an island, and how the island is influencing weather around it. Several things to note about it. Because the land in daytime would be warmer than the water, the heated air ABOVE the isle evaporates any clouds overhead. This would be the reverse of Lake Effect, where cold air is going over warmer WATER, evaporating water into cold air that can’t hold it without allowing it to condense into clouds (and snow). But here, the heated air ABOVE the land EVAPORATES the clouds that pre-existed, so that there is a vacuum of clouds above.

But there’s more to see. Notice how the land, having more elevation than the flat water, is able to also divert the wind pattern down-wind (ie to the right, in this pic). Also notice how the land causes the diverted air above to turn into circular eddies, diagonally towards the top right and bottom right of the island. Also, how far down stream will the cloud cover resume normal activity? That’s another lesson to consider from this pic. This goes to “fluid dynamics” in the atmosphere, and how one thing influences the other, and vice versa…all things a good Meteorologist takes into consideration when analyzing all the fronts, storms, highs, etc across the country when preparing his or her forecast.

This single pic goes a long way towards depicting how much there is to consider with the atmosphere. In reality, although it is mostly a bunch of gases, the atmosphere works almost exactly as a fluid does, so that understanding helps to both understand and explain to the viewer what is going on in the forecast.


The Farmers Almanac WINTER forecast is out? Are you prepared to see this?

I use to be a colleague of a guy who once had the chore of doing the Farmer’s Almanac Winter forecast, so I am at least familiar with who is doing this and what they may or may not be using to come up with these. But of course, I am sworn to secrecy 🙂

Regardless, The F.A. came out with this coming Winters’ season forecast. It’s quite dramatic, and leaves no wiggle room.
Remember, I have nothing to do with this, and I will share my own personalized CNY-only Winter forecast in a couple months. But regardless, here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Enjoy, and let the debate begin!



Crazy weather here this summer. Where IS it “safest”?

Sit back and think a minute. Let your imagination roll a bit.
We’ve had one of the craziest Summers of weather I can recall anywhere I’ve ever lived. Flooding rains, repeatedly…followed by a 5 day heat wave, followed by several July and August nights with record cold. Followed by another flooding rain Monday evening. And this doesn’t count other record cool nights in early June (which is technically still Spring) nor does it count going back to a Superstorm (Sandy) from last November. Many places in the Country have also had crazy, wild weather.
So my question for you to ponder is…”Where would you live that you could feel relatively safe, for lengthy periods of time, from Mother Nature?”
Remember, if you say, “Southern California”, you run the daily risk of earthquakes!
The answer, as put together by this article, will probably surprise you. I know I thought about it, and this state NEVER came to my mind.
Check it out…(after you finish pondering first):