Seein spots?

I always marvel at our sun. In fact, I marvel at all the stars, which are of course, suns of their own. And when I heard for the first time or two that our sun is really an ordinary star…as stars go…and yet ours marvels us…wow. Ordinary, by universal standards? How much greater are those others? Wow.

And when I see this, I often wonder how the sun holds itself together when it appears to be exploding! It’s easy to imagine the apocalypse when you see this stuff!

Anyway, our sun goes through an eleven year cycle of maximum and minimum solar activity (amazing how scientists figured this out, especially given we cant LOOK DIRECTLY AT THIS THING! How do you study something you CANT LOOK AT!) We are approaching the peak for this cycle, but they say it is at a century low for a maximum cycle. But, those who are connected to everything cyber/phone panic because of the effects of solar flares, radiation, etc.

This is a FASCINATING time lapse of a solar flair from just over a month ago.
Check it and the article out!

And then, when you’re done, check out THIS article on the sun “FLIPPING OUT”! It’s poles are about to flip! What’s that mean to you and me? Read on! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/08/130807-sun-magnetic-field-reversal-space-weather/

Solar flare


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