For those interested in the Greenhouse-Gas Warming debate…

Before touching on the topic, I want to define terms, so we are all speaking the same language.
You should know that there are two terms, often used interchangeably, and they are NOT the same.
“Global Warming” is about natural Earth “cycles”, that occur (naturally) over hundreds and thousands of years.
“Greenhouse Gas Warming” is all about man-made warming…fossil-fuels and gases, etc.

There are two great difficulties in determining which is occurring.
One is the lack of length in record keeping. BOTH of the warming terms above require hundreds and thousands of years of records to prove either, and clearly, we only have reputable records for roughly 150 years, depending on the locations.
The other problem is, suppose we are in a temperature climb, how would we know if it is part of a natural cycle climb or if it is of the man-made variety this time? I don’t know that we can ever know…until the cycle either reverses (ie, that’d prove it could be just natural), or spirals out of control (man-made).

I have my own personal/scientific opinion on the man-made issue itself, but that’s not my job or reason for this article.
I just wanted to pass along an article on the topic, to increase your understanding for such a discussion or just for knowledge sake.

Enjoy: http://beforeitsnews.com/environment/2013/07/are-weather-extremes-getting-worse-roger-pielke-jr-shares-the-data-with-senate-panel-2475804.html
Desert heat
And, I’ll leave you with a poll…asking, “What do you think is going on? Natural? Or man-made?


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