Severe weather and you

Severe weather is a part of living on terra firma…Earth. It is difficult if not impossible, to avoid, because every area has risk of some kind of severe weather, and if you live long enough, your number eventually comes up. It’s like death…the mortality rate, even after thousands of years, technology, etc, still hovers around 100%! There’s no way around it!
This is a good article dealing with the types of severe weather, the entities involved in preparing you or helping you afterwards, and the psychology of you and I as we endure it.

I think the bottom line is this quote from the article:
Tragedies happen. With the vast, varied landscape of the U.S. there are many different natural disasters that can affect the people who live here. A person may choose not to live near the coast to avoid hurricanes, but they may put them at a greater risk of tornadoes. People may live in mountains to avoid tornadoes, but it increases their risks for snowstorms or mudslides. Unprecedented snow or rain levels can cause houses near streams or rivers to have flooding that they have never seen before, but it may not be feasible for homeowners to relocate as a precaution. With over three million people living in the U.S., the few areas that may be statistically safer cannot possibly fit everyone. Even then, weather cannot be controlled, and areas that are less likely to be faced with a specific type of weather event may still experience one.

People will likely continue to try and find fault in others when a catastrophe occurs, but that only accomplishes a sense of safety for themselves that may often be unrealistic. To actually feel in control of a weather situation, people should have emergency plans for if a disaster should occur.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/regional-severe-weather/14116205


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