Fantastic Umbrella Giveaway!

here’s your chance to get your hands on station “swag”! Every night this week, I will be giving away one WUTR Eyewitness News umbrella. How do you win one? Simply watch Eyewitness News at 11, and during weather, at some point, I will say, “And you can quote me on this:_____________” and whatever I say next to complete the sentence, write it down or remember it, then go to cnyhomepage.com, click on the Weather tab, and then click “You can quote me” tab under that, fill out the form, and repeat back the phrase. Since there may be multiple “winners”, the winner each night will be the person who sends me the right answer…FIRST…since each message will be time-stamped.

You must quote me exactly in order to have a chance.
So, for example, let’s say at some point, I say”…so tomorrow will start out cloudy, but hazy sun will develop…and YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS…the thermometer will reach 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon…”
Your correct response on the form would be, “the thermometer will reach 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon”.

5 nights, 5 chances to grab some swag.
Good luck!
Umbrella giveaway


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