I wanted to get your attention with the headline, because the truth is, too many people do not take it seriously enough to plan for, until it is actually happening, which explains the chaos and death that always occurs.
So, I want to remind you that while severe (Summer) weather can happen anytime from March through September, it is most likely here in May. By severe weather, I am referring to high winds, flooding rains, and hail…in addition to the obvious tornado.
I cannot impress upon you how important it is to have a comprehensive and cohesive plan for the entire family, discussed with the entire family, and involving the entire family, for who does what and when, when severe weather is imminent. For instance, when high winds are expected, who gets the lawn furniture, and where does it go? When flooding rains happen, how do you prep the basement and who does what? If a tornado watch is in effect, is there a “point person” who contacts every family member…identifies where they are…tells them where to be and when to check in afterwards? Do all know where to go in the house, and why? Do you/they know to bring a blanket and or mattress into the bathroom and put it over you in the tub?
These are all things that the head of household should develop, discuss and parse out with the family, and make sure all understand what to do, why, and when.
In that vein, here is an article on how a recent storm in Wyoming has scientists in the field hoping it helps determine severe storms and may improve LEAD time to their arrival. Check it out: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2013/04/10/tornado-data-could-help-forecasters-increase-warning-times-and-reduce-false-alarms/


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