Drought 2012-2013, great article

I actually read about this in one of my weather “tech” magazines, about 6 months ago, but the fact that another article surfaces tells me this is real, getting worse, and may have a tremendous impact on our future farm crop and subsequently, food prices. For those of us who WERENT alive in the “Dustbowl Era”, circa mid 1930s, a severe drought compounded the Great (economic) Depression, by cutting way back on crops, to the point that it drove farmers out of farming in by far the biggest loss in agriculture in US history. The drought made much of the mid-section of the Nation (called the “Breadbasket”, for good reason) unusable for crops of almost any kind, and by the time Mother Nature changed her course, it was too long and too late for many farmers, who lost everything in the 6 year drought. A similar pattern is occurring right now over the same portion of the country. And I guess the questions are; for how long? How bad? Have we learned anything, to diminish it’s potential effects?

Here’s the article: http://news.yahoo.com/storms-u-plains-stir-memories-dust-bowl-141625464.html



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