It’s the calm before Hurricane Sandy hits, right here…no Trick

The storm will parallel the East Coast, and then reach a “fail-safe” point Sunday night. It will be blocked to the north, and will only have options east or west. However, a huge area of High Pressure that will block it from going further north, will funnel it towards the coast because of the High’s wind circulation. This makes it very likely to have a landfall somewhere between NYC and Rhode Island, and moving inland, probably right into Central New York Monday evening and Tuesday!
Next week’s weather event could very well be the 2nd biggest story (after the election) of the year. It’s easy to roll your eyes with doubt, but I know a little something about weather…and if you’ve watched my weather for the past 15 months, you KNOW I do not hype weather…I tell it like it is and tell you what you need to know and what you need to do. I brought up the storm before it was a storm, and called it’s strength and track, right on, through today.
This one is a big storm, and it will likely directly affect us here. The worst seems to be Monday PM through all of Tuesday. The worst effects will likely be heavy wind and torrential rain. This may result in power lines and limbs down, streets out, flooding, etc. And since it will probably be raining on through Friday, this will be an ongoing problem. For all these reasons, we are pre-empting regular programming Sunday evening at 6pm, to do a HALF HOUR WEATHER SPECIAL, to prep you for the event.
Please tune in to Eyewitness News, Sunday evening, at 6pm!

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