The odds on Sandy directly affecting us, are going up, fast

This will become all the news this weekend, as Category 2 Hurricane Sandy, parallels the East Coast, bringing some heavy and some heavy wind, from Florida to Maine. But the computer models are becoming more focused on a landfall, somewhere between New Jersey and south Maine. The most likely area is Long Island through Rhode Island, and what is interesting to me, and important to you, is that it is expected to retain much of it’s strength and move INLAND, perhaps right through the Adirondacks, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Just so you know, an unrelated weather system will bring us some light rain Saturday night and Sunday.

But, for planning purposes, you should know that later Monday through Thursday is the window, and it may indeed last 3 days, because it will slow, once moving inland. Hurricanes have 4 threats: One is torrential rain, Two is heavy wind, Three, is tornado risk, and Four is storm surge. When you are inland (as we are), number 4 is irrelevant. I am NOT prepared to say #3 is not an issue yet, it could be an issue. But certainly sustained high wind and torrential rain would be major factors here.

Here’s the latest forecast fan of Tropical storm force effects through Sunday:

Sandy…next 3 days


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