Fearless Fall Season forecast!

I can’t include all the snazzy graphics from the weather computer, but I can tell you this;

Fall Forecast:

Temps will be “volatile”, meaning big swings both ways, but since I think the warm ones will outlive the cold ones, I think it’ll average a degree or two above average, overall, at the end of the day. (Average temp for the Fall season is roughly 44F…from September’s average of 61F to December’s of 27F, so I’d say it’ll come in about 46-47F.)

I expect precip to come in slightly above average, (which would be: Sept=4.47″+Oct=4.25″+Nov 4.06″+Dec 4.10″=15.88″) So, maybe 16-18″.

As for snow, first flakes fly in Utica (gotta be specific, cause it can vary weeks across the area) the third week of October, and the first measurable snowfall (at least 1″) will be third week of November.

There you have it. Study these, professor, and let me know how I did, when I come around with a Winter forecast, after Halloween 🙂


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