Tornado Watch


The link is clickable inside the site too. It reaffirms my concerns about today.

Here’s what you need to know:
A tornado WATCH has been issued for Central New York, until 9PM this evening, and covers southern New York right up (north) up to and including the Rome/Utica ThruWay. Any Watch means, “You need to pay attention to [whatever the topic of the Watch], so you need to be concerned. It is NOT YET a Warning for any County in the area, so it is not yet time to ACT. However, this IS the time to PREPARE. How? Choose a room (preferably a basement, next choice an interior bathroom with a tub). Everyone in the home needs to know this is the destination. Next, get a blanket, a radio (preferably battery operated, because power may go out), and a few candles/flashlight and bring them to the destination. Last, turn UP the TV and pay attention through this evening. If you hear me say “Warning” for YOUR County, THAT is the time to act/go to the destination, put the blanket over you and get in the tub/basement. At that point, use the radio to stay up on when the threat is over, because the TV power may go out. I go into great detail NOT to frighten anyone, but to PREPARE everyone for whatever the particular worst case-scenario is. Please stay up on weather coverage, and I will try to use every media outlet to do so for you.

Severe storms again?


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