Storm damage!

If you’re interested in such, I have a complied list of damage here at home and across the state, from last night’s storms. The severe reports were either (straight line) wind damage, or hail sightings, but as with lightning storms, there were numerous power outages from transformer overloads. While there are a few storms out there today, it will all quiet down and clear up this evening, for sure.  Here are the reports:

638 AM EDT TUE JUL 24 2012

..TIME…         …EVENT…      …CITY LOCATION…                          …LAT.LON…
..DATE…        ….MAG….      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST..                …SOURCE…          ..REMARKS..

0153 PM            HAIL                   OXFORD                                       42.44N  75.60W
07/23/2012      E1.00 INCH       CHENANGO, NY                              PUBLIC

0200 PM     TSTM WND DMG     CHENANGO FORKS             42.23N  75.87W
07/23/2012                                       BROOME , NY                               PUBLIC       TREES REPORTED DOWN DUE TO STRONG WIND

0200 PM      HAIL                     LOWER GENEGANTS                42.30N  75.80W
07/23/2012  M1.00 INCH       CHENANGO , NY                      TRAINED SPOTTER

0201 PM     HAIL                            2 S NORWICH                         42.51N  75.52W
07/23/2012  M0.75 INCH        CHENANGO,  NY                    TRAINED SPOTTER

0205 PM     HAIL                               NORWICH                           42.53N  75.52W
07/23/2012  M1.00 INCH        CHENANGO , NY                   TRAINED SPOTTER

0208 PM     HAIL                      SOUTH NEW BERLIN              42.53N  75.39W
07/23/2012  E0.88 INCH       CHENANGO , NY                             PUBLIC

0230 PM     HAIL                          GREENE                                  42.33N  75.77W
07/23/2012  E1.25 INCH         CHENANGO , NY                  TRAINED SPOTTER

0257 PM     HAIL                      3 S COOPERSTOWN                 42.66N  74.93W
07/23/2012  E0.75 INCH            OTSEGO,   NY                              PUBLIC

0308 PM     HAIL                           MILFORD                             42.59N  74.95W
07/23/2012  E1.00 INCH             OTSEGO, NY                      TRAINED SPOTTER

0331 PM     HAIL                         3 E WESTFORD                     42.65N  74.72W
07/23/2012  E1.75 INCH               OTSEGO ,  NY                           PUBLIC

0551 PM     HAIL                         LEONARDSVILLE                 42.81N  75.25W
07/23/2012  E0.75 INCH            MADISON , NY                           PUBLIC

0655 PM     HAIL                            CAMDEN                              43.34N  75.75W
07/23/2012  E0.88 INCH                ONEIDA,  NY                         PUBLIC                 WIDESPREAD TREES AND WIRES DOWN

0729 PM     HAIL                                ROME                               43.23N  75.49W
07/23/2012  M1.75 INCH              ONEIDA, NY                       TRAINED SPOTTER

0730 PM     HAIL                                 ROME                              43.23N  75.49W
07/23/2012  M2.00 INCH              ONEIDA, NY                     TRAINED SPOTTER

0738 PM     HAIL                                 ROME                             43.23N  75.49W
07/23/2012  M1.75 INCH                ONEIDA,   NY                 TRAINED SPOTTE        LASTED FOR 6 MINUTES. ALSO ESTIMATE 60 MPH WIND GUST

0756 PM     HAIL                            1 NW MARCY                      43.18N  75.31W
07/23/2012  M2.00 INCH               ONEIDA,  NY                      PUBLIC

0803 PM     HAIL                           HAWKINS CORNER        43.28N  75.47W
07/23/2012  M0.75 INCH                ONEIDA,   NY                TRAINED SPOTTER

0815 PM     HAIL                                STITTVILLE                  43.22N  75.28W
07/23/2012  M1.25 INCH                ONEIDA,  NY                     PUBLIC

0825 PM     HAIL                                   UTICA                         43.10N  75.23W
07/23/2012  M1.75 INCH                 ONEIDA, NY                      PUBLIC

0830 PM     HAIL                                STITTVILLE                43.22N  75.28W
07/23/2012  M1.00 INCH                 ONEIDA,   NY                   PUBLIC

1131 PM     TSTM WND DMG           BREWERTON              43.24N  76.14W
07/23/2012                                          ONONDAGA,  NY        TRAINED SPOTTER       ROUTE 11 AND MILLER RD. TREES DOWN.

1133 PM     TSTM WND DMG               CICERO                  43.18N  76.12W
07/23/2012                                           ONONDAGA,  NY       911 CENTER                  TREES DOWN

1137 PM     HAIL                                 BALDWINSVILLE      43.16N  76.33W
07/23/2012  M0.88 INCH                 ONONDAGA,  NY        PUBLIC

1143 PM     HAIL                                  VAN BUREN               43.12N  76.32W
07/23/2012  M1.00 INCH                 ONONDAGA,   NY       PUBLIC                  FACEBOOK REPORT

1143 PM     TSTM WND DMG           VAN BUREN               43.12N  76.32W
07/23/2012                                           ONONDAGA, NY        911 CENTER         TREES DOWN

1146 PM     TSTM WND DMG          SYLVAN BEACH         43.21N  75.73W
07/23/2012                                          ONEIDA,   NY               911 CENTER        NUMEROUS TREES DOWN

1146 PM     TSTM WND DMG           VIENNA                      43.23N  75.72W
07/23/2012                                          ONEIDA,  NY                PUBLIC                 JUST EAST OF VIENNA TOWN LINE ON ONEIDA LAKE. LARGE TREE DOWN. FLIPPED A LARGE BOAT LIFT AND PONTOON BOAT.


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