Good news all over the place!

I have alot of great weather news this week. First, pollens are low. Second, the 4th looks ok, especially in terms of rain threat. Third, Saranac Thursday looks great. Fouth, the Boilermaker looks great too! In fact, the only real rain chance is tomorrow night late, into early Wednesday. And other than Saturday looking a little hot, the temps wont be as bad here as compared to the rest of the Nation. So get out and enjoy all that Summer offers!

We’re getting to the time of season for more meteor showers, and as they approach, I’ll touch more on them.

Daylight has begun it’s descent. We lost about 3 minutes over the weekend…and will continue to do so until December 20.

However, the hottest part of the year is to come. There is about a month delay (lag time, because we  have an atmosphere) before days are longest and the sun is highest…and the hottest weather, but that comes (annually) in the next couple weeks.


1 Response to “Good news all over the place!”

  1. 1 Ross Morono
    July 25, 2012 at 4:53 am

    I always want to have a good sunny weather but these days, the weather tends to be rainy and stormy. I just hope that the sun goes out again.*,*.,

    Kindest regards

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