Our weather story…and Florida’s weather story

OUR weather story is about a slow moving storm in Newfoundland, spinning like the hubcap, spokes of showers at us each day, fueled by morning sunshine…which activates these spokes. So, ditto weather for two more days. The process will repeat Thursday, but to a less-enough degree, that I think we will be rain-free. And by that time, minus the rain, it will warm up too.

Now, in addition, tropical activity is picking up. A Tropical Storm (Debby) has formed in the Gulf. No threat to us, but a HEAVY rain maker to Florida. The issue with it, is, it is moving at a crawl…so it will take FIVE DAYS to get across Florida. Remember Trop Storm Lee (August last year)? That was 3 days. Imagine FIVE days of that kind of rain. If you’d like to keep up with it (and future hurricanes), here is a quick and dirty link to the Hurrican Center…so you can watch activity. It isn’t as pretty , nor nearly as detailed as the info I get, but since I cant physically get the info to this site, it’s the best I can do 🙂 Here it is:



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