CAMP OUT this weekend!

First, I will post a great enhanced satellite phot from this afternoon, which goes a long way to demonstrating visually how things like High Pressure systems exist. When you look at the pic, see how the clouds in the Midwest, north, off the coast, and down south form a loose circle? That is because High Pressure, centered over the eastern states, rotates the air in a circular fashion around itself. So, clouds/moisture have to rotate around the high, because they can’t penetrate it (at least not well). Great visual of how High Pressure exists and works!

Enhanced satellite photo

See how clouds must move around High Pressure in the eastern states?

In addition, I want to encourage you to get away from the stress of life, from the gadgets of life (TV cell, IPhone, etc), and make a memory with the family.

Here is a real opportunity to make a memory for your family, that the wife will appreciate, that your kids will remember long after they grow up and move out. Right in your own back-yard. AND, the weather will be perfect. Make the family decision to get this done this weekend. You’ll thank me, years after I’ve forgotten about it…and it is: http://www.nwf.org/Get-Outside/Great-American-Backyard-Campout.aspx

Enjoy 🙂


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