Hot today, soggy tomale!

With temperatures soaring, as expected, way up into the 80s today, this sets us up for a clash of airmasses Tueday, which may result in some nasty storms after 11AM through Tuesday night. I feel the greatest threat is heavy rain, but I would not rule out other severe forms of weather like wind or even a funnel cloud. Behind this front, cooler and much drier air will push in Wednesday, though I am not totally sold that Wednesday will be completely dry…but I’ll play it optomistic for another 24 hours. Regardless, Thursday through Monday of next week looks rain-free, along witha gradual steady warming trend…back through the 80s and approaching 90 by the end of the weekend.

By the way, I thought I’d tag on a Summer forecast, considering how near it is, by the calendar. I feel that temperatures, which average in the upper 70s through lower 80s over the Summer, will average a little bit abiove averages, and that precipitation, which averages between 3 and 4″ per month, will be a little bit above as well. So a warmer and wetter (and muggier!) Summer is forecast, like it or not. Which makes it sound like my Summer forecast for Mexico…Hot today, soggy tomale!!!


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