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Forecast as hot as a firecracker..and wildfires…and Boilermaker

Wildfires continue to rage in Wyoming, Colorad, New Mexico, Arizona, and here is a pic, from the Bridger-Teton Mountains in Western Wyoming. Take a look at this dramatic photo, which would make you think there is an active volcano going on!

Wyoming wildfires rage on


As for us, there s now the possibility of fireworks from Mother Nature on the 4th. A front that I thought would hold off till Thursday, now looks like Wednesday, unfortunately.

Finally, Boilermaker: Little change, so far. Warm, a bit humid, bright. I expect race-time temps to be in the upper 60s, light SW wind, and bright skies. However, for party go-ers afterwards, a PM storm is possible.


4th of July and Boilermaker

Well, we’re down to what you might call, the “stretch run”, if you are a runner. “Final kick”.

First, the 4th of July, Independance Day, looks fantastic. The only storm chances are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday afternoons. Then, beautiful Tuesday and Wednesday, which is the holiday. Temps will remain in the 80s each day, with the warmest being Friday and Saturday, the coolest being Tuesday. That covers the forecast, and the holiday.

As for the Boilermaker, quick recap. The average starting temp for 8am on that date is about 65F, and that’s about where I expect it this year 🙂 In fact, the only weather I see thus far, is the possibility of early fog, but runners wont mind that. The fog would turn into haze, and the day will likely be warm, a bit humid, hazy, and with light wind. So, for right now, I’d say, bring the sunglasses and sun screen, because after 8am, any fog would likely be gone anyway.

I will have some snazzy graphics depicting the forecast for the race, starting tonight at 10PM on WFXV, and at 11PM on WUTR.


Our weather story…and Florida’s weather story

OUR weather story is about a slow moving storm in Newfoundland, spinning like the hubcap, spokes of showers at us each day, fueled by morning sunshine…which activates these spokes. So, ditto weather for two more days. The process will repeat Thursday, but to a less-enough degree, that I think we will be rain-free. And by that time, minus the rain, it will warm up too.

Now, in addition, tropical activity is picking up. A Tropical Storm (Debby) has formed in the Gulf. No threat to us, but a HEAVY rain maker to Florida. The issue with it, is, it is moving at a crawl…so it will take FIVE DAYS to get across Florida. Remember Trop Storm Lee (August last year)? That was 3 days. Imagine FIVE days of that kind of rain. If you’d like to keep up with it (and future hurricanes), here is a quick and dirty link to the Hurrican Center…so you can watch activity. It isn’t as pretty , nor nearly as detailed as the info I get, but since I cant physically get the info to this site, it’s the best I can do 🙂 Here it is:


CAMP OUT this weekend!

First, I will post a great enhanced satellite phot from this afternoon, which goes a long way to demonstrating visually how things like High Pressure systems exist. When you look at the pic, see how the clouds in the Midwest, north, off the coast, and down south form a loose circle? That is because High Pressure, centered over the eastern states, rotates the air in a circular fashion around itself. So, clouds/moisture have to rotate around the high, because they can’t penetrate it (at least not well). Great visual of how High Pressure exists and works!

Enhanced satellite photo

See how clouds must move around High Pressure in the eastern states?

In addition, I want to encourage you to get away from the stress of life, from the gadgets of life (TV cell, IPhone, etc), and make a memory with the family.

Here is a real opportunity to make a memory for your family, that the wife will appreciate, that your kids will remember long after they grow up and move out. Right in your own back-yard. AND, the weather will be perfect. Make the family decision to get this done this weekend. You’ll thank me, years after I’ve forgotten about it…and it is:

Enjoy 🙂


Summer is nearly here!

Wednesday is the first day of Summer and it will feel like it! After a mainly cloudy night tonight (lower 60s), Tuesday will be mostly cloudy, with a midday shower or two. Nothing heavy or severe, just a typical weak thundershower. That’s a dying cold front moving through. It is so far removed from Canada, that the air behind it has warmed up over time. So, it wont even be cooler after it passes! In fact, Wednesday we will break 90F! Thursday too! A cold front will bring another round of thundershowers Thursday evening or night, and that will bring cooler and drier air for Friday and Saturday.

On a side note, hard to believe but that the Boilermaker is less than 3 weeks away! Remember, I’m going for warm, humid conditions on race-day. But for some reason, that tends to bring new record times!


Warm summer-like weekend…

Summer is a mere 5 days away 🙂

And it will feel like it, until further notice. A warm weekend, highs in the 80s. Mostly and partly sunny skies each weekend day, respectively. A bit more cloudiness Sunday into Tuesday…as thunderstorms in the Midwest die out as they crash High Pressure over us. Some of those clouds will leak in, but no rain is expected, yet. In fact, next best chance for rain is in a week.


Also, how about some stats for the region?

On slow weather days, it’s a great idea to get out stats that you may find useful and/or interesting.
So, with that in mind, here are the statistical “norms” for CNY for temp, precipitation, and monthly snowfall….for each month of the year:

Month>>>>>>>  Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May     June     July     Aug     Sept     Oct      Nov     Dec

Avg Temp:           20.6     23.4    32.1    45.5     56.6     65.3     69.8     68.4     61.3     48.4     38.6     26.7

Monthly precip:  3.31″   2.61    3.63    3.45     3.91     4.20     3.93     3.81     4.47     4.25     4.06     4.10

Snowfall                 24″     18.7     15.4    3.0       0.2        —        —        —        —       0.4       8.8      20.6

(Footnote: These records originate from the Nat’l Weather Service [NWS] and are specific for Griffiss)