I’ve seen better weekend weather :)

Make indoor plans this weekend, because a storm headed our way is going to be forced to HIT THE BREAKS Saturday, just to our north, and will spin rainshowers around..including our area, Sunday afternoon, Monday afternoon, before it begins moving again. And when it begins moving off, the air will become what is known in meteorological circles as…”conditionally unstable”. I’ve mentioned that before, and it is common in the Springtime, because the sun angle is becoming more overhead and daylength is increasing, so the low layers (ie where you and I live) can become much warmer tha the air aloft (5-10-20,000 feet)…so the moisture in the low level air becomes bouyant because of the heat of the day, condenses, and forms afternoon “sun-showers”, so to speak. So, even though the mornings from Tuesday through Thursday of next week may start out bright, the afternoons will feature frequent splash-and-dash showers and thundershowers. Temps, with the clouds and moisture, will be cooler, after Friday. So, make indoor plans this weekend, and be aware that from Monday through Thursday of next week, all bets are off after 11AMs each morning…until sunset each evening, because of “conditional instability”.


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