All kinds of happenings :)

I have a LAUNDRY list of stuff for you this night and week 🙂

Something for everyone!

First, “Sketch the Sky” wraps up tonight. Congrats to the winning school, which will be announced at 6pm on WUTR and at 10PM on WFXV!

Second, if you are into astronomy, I have something for you! This Wednesday, starting at 7PM, the SUNY Oneonta Department of Physics and Astronomy will present a FREE planetarium show, taking you on a virtual voyage through the solar system, galaxy, and universe! The planetarium is located in the basement of the Science 1 Building on West Dormitary Road, on campus. Registration is required, because seating is limited. Register here: http://employees.oneonta.edu/smolinjp/planetarium.html

Also, on June 5th, the Mohawk Valley Astronomy Society will have a (free) public gazing, called, “Venus transits the Sun”, from 6pm until sunset, at Sherrill Brook Park, in New Hartford. Here is more info: http://www.mvas-ny.org/PublicStarGazing.htm

I think I have something else that is slipping my mind, but I can always post it if and when I think of it. But that gives you some fun, indoor and outdoor, Summer stuff to do! And the best part is, all of it is free!


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