Boiling pot of water

Think of the atmosphere like a pot of water on the stove. The pot of water is just that, until you turn the burner on, and then, the water starts bubbling up. That’s the atmosphere, with all the moisture fed into the area and then adding the heat of the day. When you have enough of both ingredients…moisture (pot of water), and heat of the day (burner turned on), you get these randomly placed, but weak thundershowers.  And of course, it quiets down at night because the second ingredient (sun-heat of the day) has gone down and so the heat isnt present. So, that makes these a little different, and far more difficult to forecast (because of the arndom placement of thee showers), than would be, say, a cold front…where the rain is in al ine along the front boundary, and moving steadily in one direction, all together.

So, in short, expect a repeat tomorrow, but maybe not Thursday. However, a cold front (cool front, really…not much cold air behind it this time), will likely set off a thundershower later Friday/evening…but the clouds will caelr out for a nice Saturday, and hopefully (bc I’m getting a little concerned about it), MOST of Sunday. And temps will remain above normal throughout. Humidity will remain high through Friday, a bit lowered by the passing of the front, for the weekend.


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