Here comes the heat!!! Keep the shades handy!

Spring into Summer! Get out and enjoy! High Pressure is large and in charge, through Sunday. And when it hits the coast Saturday morning, it starts pumping in warmer air, quickly. Expect lows tonight in the lower 40s, and highs Saturday in the lower 80s! By Sunday afternoon, upper 80s! Now, that High, once off the coast, will actually begin drawing in…by its own circulation…some Atlantic moisture, and so by late Monday, a storm is possible (I’d say a 25%) chance. But Tuesday aftn and Wednesday aftn, chances increase alot, to maybe 75%, so count on that. It’s way too far away to know if they could become severe…because severity of small storms like thunderstorms is different to measure than simply their occurance. This is a good time to explain the thinking, inside a Meteorologists head. To occur, I can foresee conditions to create them, like a front, or ocean moisture, days in advance…..but to know severity, it becomes all about IMMEDIATE and LOCAL conditions, which neither myself nor computer models are able to resolve days and days out. So, I thought this a good time to show some behind the scenes in my mind, of how that works. But you can keep the shades handy and put the umbrella away, until at least later day Monday.


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