Here comes a hug, from Mother Nature!

Fantastic stretch of weather, tonight through midday Monday. High Pressure out of Canada (a cool location) is bringing in the cooler (but drier) air today and tonight, but the High will “modify”, meaning change and adapt to its’ conditions that it encounters…which is the warmer air to our south…and as it hits the coast Saturday, the wind around it will yank that warmer air in OUR direction…right on through Monday of next week. NO chance for rain till later Monday, better chance Tuesday afternoon…which could get a bit “feisty”.

But until then, ENJOY!

Oh, by the way, cool night tonight, frost is likely, so cover those petunias!

Also, 52 days till Boilermaker. Which reminds me of yesterday’s blog. About clouds and precipitation. Most of the year (Sept thru March/April) rain falls from “stratiform” clouds…horizontal clouds. In fact, most of the time, it falls FIRST as snow, and then rapidly melts if it’s in the 50s/60s/70s here at ground zero. So only in the warmest couple months and only from CUMULUS (vertical, convective clouds) does it fall as rain right from the start. But then those clouds are also suscetpible to growing into Cumulus Congestus…or even Cumulonimbus clouds…which are the Thunderstorm clouds….which can produce the wind, hail, torrential rain, and tornadoes. So, if it rains on Boilermaker day, it’s most likely to be in the later afternoon, and from cumulonimbus clouds, and ergo, in the form of a thunderstorm. And for that to happen, there either needs to be a front (cold or warm front) nearby (lifting the air), or it needs to be very sunny in the morning to heat the air and make it rise.



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