Storms early, then the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Remember yesterday when I mentioned not to put the umbrella far away, because some fast moving storms would roll through either side of midday…and they’re just as rapidly departing the area now. By 8pm, they will be gone for all, and skies will rapidly clear up. The great thing is, a fresh, dry airmass will settle in for Thursday and Friday, and will warm up over the weekend into Summer-like heat (and humidity, sorry).

I had reports of 1″ hail near Little Falls at 3:30pm, and nickel-size hail in Frankfort just before that time, by the way.

We’ll get back to the Boilermaker stuff as the weather quiets down…probably back to it tomorrow.

Also, I wanna mention that Sketch the Sky continues tonight (and the rest of the week) at 6pm (WUTR) and 10pm (WFXV), so tune in for that, and please do vote come Friday night/next week…because it may be YOUR kids that benefit. And even if it’s not, it will be, one day. So if you believe in “Do unto others”, please participate when the time comes.


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