Mother’s day…….and a little trivia

With High Pressure building down from central Canada, our night and most of Saturday are in the bag. No doubts. Clear as a bell tonight, sunny through midday Saturday. Since the High originates from Canada, cool weather starts the weekend. Ergo, lows tonight, upper 30s. But as it departs, the High itself warms up, so expect highs Saturday, nearing 75F. A weak..and weakening cool front in the upper Midwest, will ramble through Saturday night through midday Sunday. Clouds will increase later Saturday and at night, and a few light showers will be see overnight into Sunday morning. I feel (hope?) the clouds will be able to break enough to allow partial sun for the afternoon. My only concern about the forecast is that the front appears to get hung up to our east, and a southern storm will try to piggy back onto it, riding northeastward, spreading rain anew along the (stalled) front. If that front doesnt completely clear the area Sunday night, it is possible some rain could edge in Monday and Tueday, esp south and eastward (ie much more likely for Oneonta, than say Boonville. I would say, stick with the previous forecast, of partly sunny skies and warm temperatures, and we’ll play it by ear.

On another subject, the Boilermaker is within 2 months now. I talked yesterday about “averages” for race-day…with highs averaging in the lower 80s and lows near 60. Today, how about records? The warmest day on record was in the mid/upper 90s (97F), and the coolest was in the mid 40sF. So, that’s the range we’re working with. I am prepared to talk about my forecast, but I will hold off awhile longer, because who will remember what I say, 58 days before the race?!?


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