The end is near! ….Of foul weather :) That’s all

Well, the unsettled weather I began talking about a week ago continues, but is now coming to an end. The secondary storm that kept the clouds, light rain, and windy/cool conditions coming today, is moving off. And with it moving off, and the sun setting (the sun’s heat adds to the buildup of clouds and moisture), the showers/sprinkles will end early this evening, the clouds will begin breaking up soon thereafter, so some moon light will be seen overnight. Friday is a somewhat transitional day, because the storm effects are is still not completely clear of the area, and the sun will both warm us up but also warm up the atmosphere to create alot of fair weather clouds, but the difference-maker is a bubble of high pressure, building in from the Great Lakes area. High Pressure areas are bubbles of dry air (low moisture). Where they originate from determines if they bring cold air (Canada), mild air (West), or warm air (Deep South). This one is from the West, so seasonable readings can be expected. But as it moves off to the east Saturday, it will all by itself, by drying out the atmosphere, warm us up, into the 70s…and we’ll stay there, because the jet stream, the river of wind that directs weather patterns, will move futher north, not allowing anything…warm or cold, dry or wet…to get here for awhile. The next chance for rain will be Saturday night, and it will be light and sparse at that…from a weak front moving through the area. But fortunately for weekend sun-lovers, by Sunday afternoon, the sun should be breaking back through again.


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