We’re getting to that time of year, when, behind storms, there is leftover moisture and something called “conditional instability”. The condition? Warmth. Enough to get the moisture to rise, condense into clouds/rain, and fall. That’s why the radar quiets down at night alot, because the element the sun provides, heat, goes away.

So in tonight/tomorrow’s case, sprinkles this evening will go away, clouds may even break up a bit overnight/Thursday morning, but the heat of the day will fry the moisture and create light showers or sprinkles midday hours, all coming to an end by evening. Once there, clouds from this storm will clear up, and nice weather ensues For Friday and almost all of Saturday.

Hey, about 2 months to go to the Boilermaker. I’ll be talking about Boilermaker weather (extremes, normals, etc) in the coming days, so stick around and hey, even comment on what you can use or would like to know, okay?


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