Here comes Spring, even Summer-like weather!

Warmer air is building and will soon be on the doorstep, and will stick around for days too. My ONLY concern about the next 4 days is how tough will low clouds/fog be to break each morning. It is certainly possible that clouds on a given day NEVER break. But I can’t help but think that, with just leftover clouds (no new moisture each day), 14 plus hours of daylight, high sun angles now, that we’d break into sun by mid-mornings through mid afternoons, so temps under those conditions would have no problem breaking 70, and closing in on 80.

The rain risks are as follows: Wed night (60%), Thur night (60%), Friday aftn (30%). As for the weekend, I can say that I am hopefuly for Saturday (my only concern now is early day), and liking Sunday…alot. Somewhat cooler (and less humid) air will be punching in over the weekend, and sticking around through Tuesday.

PS: The next meteor shower peaks May 4, in the SE sky. It is called the “Eta Aquarids”…but is a minor event (10-15 per hour…or one per 7-10 minutes). If skies cooperate, the night to view would be Thu nite or Fri nite…but I am sketchy on both.


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