Record low temps the next few nights, warmer weather Monday

It’s the tale of two seasons….tonight through early Monday being late winter, and Spring thereafter. The good news about it is, if you like Spring weather, it will finally STAY Spring till further notice. As for skies, they will clear up tonight as a chilly bubble or dome of high pressure slowly sinks southward out of central Canada (a cold source region). That high will put the block on storminess over the Plains, forcing that storminess to go south of the region, protecting the weekend. Highs both weekend days will barely go above 50, and the nights will see temps fall off well down into the 20s! That’s record territory this time of the year. Come Monday, that high will be off the coast, and those same winds will become warmer southerly winds. And by then, the jet stream will also have changed, from out of Canada, to out of the west coast. So, dress for Winter through Sunday night, then you can wear shorts next week.

PS: I have a question, where I need feedback. Next week, there is a weather spotters class for the National Weather Service (NWS), in Oneonta. I have been considering the worthiness (or lack thereof) of having weather spotters in my weather-cast. As a viewer, would there be much value to you, in me adding such? Or do I cover it adequately as it is? Also, would traffic cams be of value to add to the weather-cast? Kind of like a tower-cam, but at roadside intersections? Please rsvp here your thoughts, and ask a friend to do as as well. Thanks!


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