Not a pleasant week ahead, weather-wise

With rain chances tonight, Tuesday (even wet snow!), Thursday, Saturday night and Sunday…way too many rain opportunities to call it a good week of weather…unless you’re a farmer…or a fish, I suppose. The clouds and rain washes out a little meteor shower (Lyrids) tonight. Temps are going to stay well below norms as well, through early next week…only in the 40s and 50s all week and weekend. (The average high for this time of year is now about 62F.)

Which brings me to my topic tonight. Spring. We all know Winter was abnormally warm with very little snow. When I talk to people about it, and they bring up the Winter, they will almost always say, “But we’re gonna pay for it in Spring (ie alot of snow)”…and if they don’t say that, then I get…”With such a mild Winter, it’s gonna be a HOT Summer!”

The truth is, there is NOT necessarily ANY correlation between seasons. And this Spring is a perfect example. It is neither snowy (I don’t think the Valley has had a flake since February), nor is it getting “hot”. In fact, other than a handful of record warm days (long since gone), it has been stormy/wet and unseasonably cool mosto fo the time.

And I don’t see much change for another month. I think a big warm up will come in late May/June, and therefore it will get drier, but again…there is not necessarily a correlation from season to season. What’s much more important are the patterns in the atmosphere, and the cycles of several large scale events such as the Nina’s/Nino’s, and the NOA (North-Atlantic Oscillation), among others. These shift the entire patterns north and south, and have a far more dramatic effect on mid-term weather (ie, a season’s worth of weather) than anything else we know of to date.

So, expect damp, cool weather for another month, with drier and warmer conditions towards the end of Spring, my friends! It is what it is, make lemonade if wet and cool weather represents lemons to you!


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