“Here comes the sun…”

As the Beatles once sang. Or, if you prefer, “The sun will come out, tomorrow…bet your bottom dollar…”

High pressure will finally get a chance to build in tonight and tomorrow, as the storm that has brought us unsettled weather since Sunday night slowly dissipates plus eases off to the east. Clearing skies tonight, lows near 32F. Sunny weather tomorrow, highs near 60F. Saturdaystill starts out nice, but clouds up in the afternoon, and rain may arrive late in the afternoon. On and off showers can be expected through Sunday.

Now here’s where it gets complicated.

Up until now, the cold front that moves the rain in over the weekend, looked like it was going to be “progressive”, meaning, it keeps moving through. It “progresses”. Well, that has since changed, according to the computer models that mimic the (likely) movement of fronts, storms, high pressure areas. NOW, the models indicate that the cold front doesnt really ever get here…it dies out to our west, and the (colder) air behind it just mixes into the (milder) air we will be enjoying this weekend. In fact, just between you and me, the models WERE forecasting a high on Monday in the mid 50s the last few days…because the colder air was going to move right in. Now, they are forecasting highs in the low 80s (because the warm air stays put and builds even further!) Now I know that probably excites alot of people, but remember, just cause the computer says low 80s, doesnt mean it will happen. Look at what I just said, for proof…that they WERE saying all along, that highs would be in the mid 50s. Now low 80s. My feeling is, (and it is my job to make a call to the viewer), is for mid 60s. I dont (yet) see a reason for temps of low 80s to REACH up here under that given scenario. But, I no longer believe it will get dramatically cooler either.

But, if the front IS going to stall (and peeter out), that does mean the risk for rain Monday, Tuesday,and maybe into Wednesday! So, it COULD rain every day from later Saturday, till early Wednesday.

So, there you go.  Beautiful tomorrow and half of Saturday, then showery till…who knows 🙂


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