Well, you knew after Sunday, it was all downhill…

I warned ya! The weekend would be spectacular, but this week would be nearly a washout…at least through Wednesday or Thursday. Indeed, perhaps you were woken up around Midnight last night by suddenly windy conditions. That was the storm from the west, that was moving through, and now has joined in the merry go round of storms trapped to our northeast, near Newfoundland. So now, all of that mess will keep circulating back west towards us, keeping us in clouds, cool temps, windy conditions, and occasional rain (or even snow) showers, through Wednesday evening. Thursday should be rain-free, but still pretty cloudy, but by Thursday night, rapid clearing should develop for a pristine Friday, which is nice. Temps are easy to forecast, because they wont stretch much, from mid 30s at night to upper 40s daytimes, until Thursday, when they may break 50F. But with totally sunny skies on Friday, we can easily hit 60F. But it is a cool early Spring pattern this week. For those looking ahead, I foresee another pattern change the middle of NEXT week, where the jet stream begins it annual Spring retreat north, back into Canada, allowing temps to begin warming up. If you recall a week ago, I mentioned in my Spring forecast that things should turn warmer the end of this Month.


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