A Tony-the-Tiger holiday weekend!

What a great, good Friday eh? Keep in mind though, that with very dry conditions and breezy afternoons, the fire danger is very high, throughout the state (see this link for more info): http://nws.noaa.gov/view/prodsByState.php?state=NY&prodtype=warnings

But expect clear chilly nights and mild sunny-side-up days through Sunday. Lows will begin in the mid 20s, and slowly warm to the low 30s by Sunday night…and highs, after Friday’s low 50s, should reach the upper 50s Saturday and lower 60s Sunday…all thanks to a teardrop shaped bubble of high pressure out of eastern Canada. It will get “squeezed” out by Sunday night, between an immoveable storm in Newfoundland to the East, and an approaching storm to our west, and once that happens, weather will turn south (as will high pressure, coincidentally!) So, expect Monday through Wednesday to be cloud-filled, much cooler, and with occasional showers…which at night or at elevations above 700 feet, could include wet snow at times! That mess will slowly clear out some time later Wednesday or Thursday. But hey, ENJOY this perfect Easter weekend!


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