Some really Good (Friday) weather coming, then some really poor

A persistent storm in Newfoundland (way north and east of us) has been churning for days, absorbing each smaller storm that passes by us, making itself bigger and bigger. The net effect for us is that these storms get absorbed and rotate around the big one, and remain just close enough to keep swiping us with clouds (sprinkles in some cases). Since we are on the fringe of this, the sun itself actually makes the effect worse, because the sun heats the edges (ie, we’re on that edge), and causes more clouds to form. Course at night, like tonight, the effect diminish and we go clear. It might happen again Friday, but even still, I expect a sunny day thru midday, then partly cloudy skies, highs near 55. Saturday looks even better, and a high around 60. And Sunday, highs near 65.

Unfortunately, we are going to pay for the nice weather, next week…because a storm slowly approaching over the weekend will ALSO get absorbed by this mega-storm to our northeast, and then…we are likely to be in clouds and on and off again showers ALL of next week! In fact, in both higher elevations (700 feet or more) and in the evenings (when it’s cooler), it’s very possible for snow to occasionally mix in! So, there will be a lot of smiling faces this weekend, then alot of frowns all of next week 😦


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