What a weird weather pattern…

Here’s a new term for ya. “Conditionally unstable”. It’s a meteorologiscal term, and if you break it down, it can be easily understood. The atmosphere overhead (and surrounding areas) is unstable, if condition(s) are met. If it is unstable, then unsettled weather would natturally be expected. So then, the question is, what is/are the condition(s) needed to make it unstable to expect showers? The answer? Warm enough temperatures, specifically at the surface, where you and I live. The reason it is unstable is that the column of air overhead in this region has a tremendous drop off in temperatures with elevation. So, let’s just say that it would be stable if the column of air dropped from say 50F here, to 40F at 1000 ft, to 20F at 10,000 feet. (A gentle dropoff.) In this case, it’s as if it drops from 50F to 20 to -20. It’s so radical that air parcels near the surface are forced to rise so rapidly (warm air rises, so if it’s so m uch warmer at the surface, it would rise really really fast), and then cool and condense and form clouds and “instability showers”. It stands to reason also then, that at night the dropoff would not be so dramatic, since there’s no sun heating us, so the effect would calm down to just clouds and even breaks in those clouds. That’s today. That’s also this Friday, for what it’s worth. Tomorrow, the incoming air from Canada is cool enough to keep surface temps from getting to that level, so it should stay fair all day. But with all the sun Friday morning heating us up a bit, the afternoon/eve is questionable. The effect wont be so great by the weekend because the much colder air aloft…wont be nearly so cold by then.


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