Little damp tonight, cool end of the week…

A couple weak storms are moving through, having dragged in some noticeably milder air today, but behind them, colder air tomorrow and Friday. A few more light rainshowers are to be expected tonight, perhaps until 7 or 8am Thursday morning. Thursday continues to look like a transitional day, where it may take all day to completely clear up, after a gray start. Lows tonight in the upper 30s, highs tomorrow in the middle 40s. Another storm looks like it will make a close pass to our south Friday night, and could be close enough for some flurries for Otsego County, but I’ll only call for increasing clouds north of there for Friday PM, then decreasing clouds Saturday morning and afternoon. Highs Friday? Lower 40s. Saturday? Upper 40s to 50, depending on how quickly skies clear. Sunday is another mild one, highs mid 50s, but some rain could arrive in the afternoon or evening. The trend is for mild weather Sunday through Tuesday…

As for March, we are still on pace (less than 4 days to go) for the warmest on record, and daylight is nearly at 12.5 hours, and climbing. Seasonal snowfall is still stuck at 33 inches, well below the 60+ year record of 45.6 inches. And that concludes my meteorological housekeeping for today!


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