Muddy waters ahead

No, I’m not referring to the Jazz artist. The weather pattern. When you see muddy waters, you cannot see far into the water (depth) because of the heavy brown color. Ditto with weather. When there are many competing “disturbances” in the flow, it becomes difficult to time them all, determine how they will interact, strengthen, weaken, and any error in your judgment multiplies over time. That’s the issue for me, this week. First things firt, a high pressure area out of Canada will leave us tonight, allowing skies to cloud up and temps to rise after Midnight. A storm in the western Lakes States will bring some light rain Wednesday, from just before sunrise on and off until overnight into early Thursday…the risk for light rain exists. Temps should break 50F, but not by much. Thursday is a transitional day, with colder air coming in to offset the breaks of developing sunshine. A storm that looked like it will get here Saturday, NOW appears as if it not only gets here Friday evening, but may now move too far south to do more than add clouds to our skies at night into Saturday morning. However, computer models now indicate that another storm will form right behind it, and bring us light rain on Sunday! Regardless of the timing of all of this, warmer weather is coming, early next week.


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