Record warm spell is over…

Cooler air is sinking in from the north overnight tonight, and it will only get cooler over the weekend with a storm moving through. And after that, a change in the jet stream (the river current of wind at 20 to 50,000 feet that steers large-scale weather around), will allow cooler air from Canada to return…and Monday, a second cold front will sweep through early, bringing a bit of a chill to the air, believe it or not. So, next week…no more 70s and 80 degree readings. We may have to wait till it’s more normal for it to occur, before it returns. Meanwhile, lows tonight should settle near 50F again. Highs Friday near 65F, and Saturday closer to 55, maybe only 50F for Sunday. And if that second cool front does get here Monday, maybe only 40s for Monday. But the pattern is changing, and will allow for cooler Canadian air to be able to break back in from time to time. So it was nice for temps to get as high as gas prices for this week, but the temps (if not the gas) will tumble now…


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