A repeating weather pattern…

As the warm front glides through Friday night, we are all set up for a repeating weather pattern. A southwest flow surface and aloft will create unseasonably warm conditions. Also, it is likely that, as temps drop off at night, moisture…dew..etc will form, and therefore, fog will form, esp in the valleys…where most of us live. Ergo, even though some days fog may not form or may only be light, you should expect this pattern; fog forming overnight, fog/dew/mist early, fog lifting into a low cloud deck until 9-10am, the clouds breaking up before Noon, and then hazy sunshine until sunset…and the pattern repeats. Meanwhile, temps each day are set to reach or exceed 70, but the density of fog and the length it hangs on will determine whether we hit 68, or 72, or 75. So, there is your pattern…fog overnight, fog to low clouds in the morning, hazy sun breaking through late morning, and remaining all afternoon…with highs either side of 70, through Wednesday of next week. If you forget the forecast, just think, “Southern California type weather”!


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