Warmer air right on the doorstep…

A warm front is laying across the region, but it is hung up right now, beting stretched sideways rather than simply moving through, so a wide range of temperatures are being seen across the region, ranging from 40s far north, to 70s just south. It makes for a difficult forecast, but such is life, and the front will pass through entirely by Friday evening, making the forecast more straightforward. For tonight, mostly cloudy, mild, low near 45F. Showers and some rumbles of thunder can be expected early tomorrow until midday, and then, HOPEFULLY, some hazy sun breaks through later Friday afternoon. If so, highs would easily exceed 60, maybe 65. If not, 55-60. Either way, Saturday…St Patty’s Day, should hold hazy sunshine, warm and somewhat humid conditions, with highs for the first time, over 70F. Sunday and Monday, sunny to partly cloudy days, with about a 25% chance of an airmass thunderstorm each afternoon. (Airmass thunderstorms are somewhat random, and depend on getting enough surface heating to get air parcels to rise fast enough to generate thunderheads. They are typically seen in the second half of the day, during and after most of the days’ heating has taken place). But Tuesday, first day of calendar Spring, should be sunny and warm, near 75!


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