And the band keeps playin on :)

Who can believe this weather pattern? And to make it more amazing, it has no end in site. Even the “cooler” days are still well above the average one would expect this time of year (43/24 hi/lo slipt). So, enjoy early Summer! Not even Spring, but early Summer! Meteorologicially, the pattern itself looks just like July. And while the sun isnt high enough and the days arnt long enough to get us to 80 or 90, we can still get to 70 or more, some 30 degrees above average.

Tonight looks mostly clear and comfortably cool, low near 40F. Wednesday looks bright and slightly cooler, near 55F. Thursday is bright through midday, but looks to cloud up a bit but looks warmer again, nearing 65F. The next chance for rain may be Thursday night, with some light intermittent rain overnight. But Friday should be mostly sunny, hazy, and warm, high nearing 70…and by the weekend, it really is becoming a foregone conclusion…highs will break 70 both weekend days. So bada-bing, bada-boom, forgettaboutit, it’s late Spring all the time now.

Sunday's jet stream...looks like July


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