Tony the Tiger Weather continues…

First, the mild weather is basically, here to stay. Any turndown in temps will now be brief. As for skies, scattered showers can be expected tonight. They will be off and on. Lows should stop at the upper 40s. Tuesday is a tough one, sky-wise.  Here’s why. The upper level charts (above 10,000 feet, say), are favorable for nice, mild, dry weather. The lower level charts indicate some instability in the atmosphere, tomorrow, to some degree Wednesday, and again more so Thursday and Friday. So part of the weather charts tell me that skies should be very bright, but there is a little low-level energy moving through here near midday tomorrow, from a storm moving well to our north into Canada. That could wring out a shower or even a rumble of thunder. Highs should easily reach the middle 60s again. Wednesday should be at least partly if not mostly sunny, albeit a little cooler, in the middle 50s. I think enough clouds will return for Thursday to say, mostly cloudy, but still mild with highs in the lower 60s (at least). And Friday, with a full-fledged disturbance moving in, showers are the call, but still mid 50s. If you’re thinking head to St Patty’s Day, it looks fantastic. Bright, highs in the mid 60s! And even with more clouds on Sunday, highs coule reach the upper 60s!


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