Wait’ll you see midweek :)

You may do a double take, when you see my forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Brace yourself. Meanwhile, a bubble of high pressure has settled in for the night. Typically, when a high pressure system moves towards you, skies brighten up and it may turn colder till it moves overhead, then it turns warmer as the high departs. However, because of the Lakes, the winds with incoming high pressure come off the Lake(s), and so we get Lake effect (yesterday) even though a good weather system is approaching…simply because of the winds around it. So now that it is overhead, winds calm down, and skies can clear up. It will be a cold one, in the single digits overnight. Tuesday, as it begins to move to our east, warmer winds develop. However, those winds will (temporarily) pull clouds in Tuesday afternoon and night. Highs tomorrow should close in on 35F. Not as cold tomorrow night, and then the fun begins. The high pressure system parks off the coast for 36 hours, pumping in MUCH milder air. Expect mostly sunny skies Wedneday, with highs threatening 60! Thursday will tend to cloud up, and rainshowers will move in towards sunset, but not before approaching 60 again! Amazing. But, a front will shut off the warm air for a few days, bringing us down to reality for Friday and Saturday.


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