Things look close to on track, no surprises

The secondary storm did indeed form, and is racing out to sea this evening, but the initial one over the western Lakes will still slide through tonight and Thursday. And even though it is fizzling out with time, the moisture around it should be enough to get us to the 4-8″ range by midday Thursday. The snow tonight will be much more off and on, until that initial storm gets closer, then a bit more steady action will redevelop before or by morning. In the lulls tonight, a little freezing drizzle could fill in gaps, so be aware that slippery roads will only get more slick. Temps will hold nearly steady or rise a tad, between 30-33 all night. They shouldn’t get higher than 33F Thursday, and then fall into the 20s at night, with cloudy skies. Friday, mostly grey, a tad milder, in the upper 30s, and then some light rain enters overnight through much of Saturday. It may end as snow Saturday PM, and there will likely be a little lake effect Sunday, but less than an inch is to be expected. And temps will warm up into the mid 40s Saturday, only to fall into the 30s Sunday, and barely 30 for Monday. There appears to be a very mild stretch heading our way for midweek next week. And our daylight is in it’s most rapid increase, over 4 minutes per day now…which currently puts us at nearly 11 hours of daylight. One final climatological note; because today is Leap Year day, there are only records for this day, once every 4 years, right? One fourth of the records that another day would have. So, our “record high and low’ database is far far fewer. Which is interesting because our record high is only 37! Which ironically, is also our average high! Just a little numerical oddity there.


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