Snow day coming!

Well, snow is in the forecast. Remember yesterday’s forecast? Well, I don’t want to change a thing, and feel confident that it will turn out just as forecast now, so that feels good. If you’ve forgotten, here’s the deal. Clear to partly cloudy tonight, lows in low 20s. Clouding up quick Wednesday, with snow (from south moving north) between 8 and Noon…so say maybe 11’ish for Utica, for ex. Snow through the afternoon and evening, but some freezing rain (ice) may nudge in towards Midnight, ESPECIALLY south of Utica, such as Oneonta, Sherburne, Morris, Cooperstown. Thursday morning looks like a mess, with snow, ice and rain, from north to south, winding down in the afternoon/evening. Highs then, upper 30s to 40F. Friday, mostly cloudy, and another storm, this one a warm one, moves in at night, with rain overnight into much of Saturday. Both days highs into the 40s. But stay tuned for updates on Wednesday. A Winter Storm Watch has been issued from the National Weather Service, which basically means, “Watch out, 6 inches of snow is possible in the next 36 hrs”. It will likely go to a “Warning (meaning imminent) some time tonight or early Wednesday. But the above is my forecast, and I plan to stick to it. Expect 4-8 inches….the lower amount if rain mixes inearly Thursday. but it’ll all wash away by Saturday!


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