The password…is “razor’s edge”

Partial clearing tonight, Tuesday should at least become partly sunny. Lows tonight near 25F, highs tomorrow near 35F. Nice, simple, easy to remember. Ok. Now comes the hard part. A pair of storms area/will be headed here Wednesday PM. One, moving into the lower Lakes, will likely fizzle out. Another will be moving up from the south. Actually, in truth, it’s more complicated. Specificially, the southern one will be a new storm that will likely form in advance of the other, and the other will “give” alot of it’s energy and mosture to the southern one. The northern one will fizzle out, likely before getting here. This means, it SHOULD fail at bringing in warmer air before the mosture arrives. Therefore, it becomes about the track of the new, southern one. If close enough, significant snow can and would fall. If too far south, we could end up with clouds, and nothing more. As it appears now, if it were tonight, I’d go with little or no snow north (Old Forge, for ex), a couple inches near the ThruWay, and maybe 4-6″ for southern parts, like Oneonta or even Cooperstown. But it isn’t now, so do not quote me there! A tiny change in track could make it a foot, or not a flake. And in fact, there may even be ice involved Wednesday night, making snow amounts irrelevant, because ice trumps snow amounts, due to it’s treacherous nature. In any event, watch Wednesday PM’s forecast, how it trends, and know it will pass by midday Thursday, regardless.


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