White, then wet, then white again

There’s alot going on the next couple days, so I think I’ll stick to facts and simplicity, so as not to confuse folks.

Another storm is moving through to our west tomorrow (Friday), but this one’s a little more complicated. If it were cut and dry, it’d be rain, period. But the moisture will move in so late tonight, with little wind to keep temps up, that I think it will get here as snow, after midnight. A couple inches could accumulate. Now, since there’s no school this week, not a big problem, and it will change to rain anyway near or not long after daybreak. Rainy till midday, then a break for awhile, but then tomorrow night, the backside winds get us, with some Lake effect, into Saturday. Now for those in southern Herkimer or all of Otsego Counties, no worries. For those in Lewis, Oneida, Madison, central/northern Herkimer, a couple inches could fall again. In all cases, snow and clouds will clear up Saturday night. Sunday continues to look bright, and cold.

For what it’s worth, and I’ll show this on the air tonight, February, like last November, is turning out to be very mild. With 5 days to go, we are averaging 7 degrees above “average”, which is ALOT. Records for Utica (or Rome) are so broken and some just plain missing, so much so that I have a hard time getting firm numbers from the National Weather Service, since the records don’t even exist in some cases, but suffice it to say, since the Feb average is 22, and we’re around 29, this would put us at or near record warmth territory for the month, should it hold up.


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