For one segment of folks, a big letdown

No, not today, but Sunday. Today and tonight we have light snow and rain, the snow is of little consequence, no matter how long it hangs on and falls, because it wont accumulate and too much rain will take over. That we knew. It will wind down before Midnight to a drizzle, with a low near 32F. Friday, expect mostly cloudy skies and a few flurries. If the west wind kicks up enough, some nice breaks of sunshine could break through, and warm us up a few degrees more, but I’ll go with 40F. Saturday, skies start out bright, but fade by sunset, highs in the upper 30s. Sunday is the big letdown. It LOOKED, yesterday, like a storm moving up towards us, was going to move off the Jersey coast early Sunday morning. That would have put us on the border between moderate and heavy snow. However, 24 hours later now, the computer models are WAY further south, taking the storm off the CAROLINA coast. Which leaves us with flurries at best. So, snow lovers get the big letdown again. I’m sorry, and if it changes back, I’ll be the first to let you know.

PS: here’s the map:

The big let down...


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