Here comes the rain. Then, here comes the snow!

You heard me right! I keep flip-flopping on which weekend day it will be, but it looks like Sunday, and it looks more and more like a potential snow [cough-cough] storm! (I’m afraid to even say the phrase!)

Anyway, clouds may break up a bit from time to time tonight, with a low of only 28F, but a storm moving rapidly northeastward out of the Deep South will make it moot, by bring a cloudy sky by sunrise, and rain by early to mid afternoon Thursday. Highs should press 40F. Most of the rain will end at night, when a switch to wet snow may occur, but to no avail. In fact, Friday looks better, with at least a partly sunny sky, and temps at or above 40F again! Later Friday through midday Saturday looks very clear now, but clouds will finish off the day, a prelude to another southern storm. However, this one looks to move to the coast, not to our west, which is a snow-maker. Now, it becomes a matter of how close does it get/stay to us. If it crosses near NYC, it’s a decent amount. If further south and east, little for us. It looks promising, so stay tuned on that one.

Close call Sunday ?


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